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Issue #6

Configure an environment

  • Calvinverse.Infrastructure has some standard configuration files
  • The defaults are baked into the resources, but not everything can be configured in source because some things depend on the way the infrastructure is set up. Those will have to be configured when the resources are created.
  • Some of the configuration is done when the resource is created. For VMs the configuration can be read from an ISO which is attached to the VM on start-up. For Docker containers configuration can be provided either as a Docker volume or via environment variables
  • Configurations which need to be available on service start (but not on resource start) can also be provided through the Consul K-V store

Note: Provisioning is hard to do automatically and right. All resources are designed to be environment-independent, i.e. they only have standard configurations encoded, ones that are valid for all environments. In order to get configurations that are environment specific in them you need a way for the resource to know where to fetch those from, e.g. a web address or the Consul K-V store. However in order to tell the resource what the configuration store is you need to provide an environment specific configuration when the resource is first initialized, i.e. the initial configuration. It's this initial configuration that is tricky. For containers you can pass an environment variable, for VMs you can use an ISO file

In calvinverse all resources assume that an ISO file (i.e. a CD / DVD) is mounted when the resource first boots (for VMs), or environment variables are set (for containers). These initial configurations only contain information on how to connect to the Consul cluster in the environment. Once connected all other configuration values can be obtained from the Consul K-V or the Vault secret store