What is Calvinverse?

Repositories that contain the tools and services to create environments for an application or service in a repeatable manner.

Infrastructure as code

All infrastructure resources can be created from scripts and configuration files which are stored in source control thereby ensuring that all changes are tracked and standard software development processes can be applied to the infrastructure resources.

Immutable infrastructure

The resources are designed to be created and configured once. Any changes to the code will create a new resource. That way the new resource can be tested and then be used to replace the old one. If any issues still appear with the new resource then the old one can be activated again in a quick roll-back process

Automated builds

All resources can be created with a standard build system. That way the resources can be build using the same tooling as the applications. Thus providing fast feedback and repeatable results.

Read our documentation for information on how to create the resources, test them and deploy them.